How to Leave an Awesome Impression on Your First Date (And Leave Her Falling for You Right Away!)

Having the right mindset, you can really go out there and have fun no matter what’s the occasion, in particular a first date! Whichever way you look at it, there are a lot of fun and excitement with regards to dating!

However, you’ll need to take certain practical measures prior, during and after your date so as to increase your confidence level.

Measures to take prior to your first date:

1. Maintain a good health. If you’ve a healthy body, chances are you’re better able to manage stresses leaving you less stressed out in any situation. To achieve this, make it a point to stick to getting sufficient sleep and rest on a regular basis, having a balance diet, as well as making exercise an integral aspect of your daily schedule.

2. Forget about unreal hopes. You need to be aware that not every first date will end up in love. Be encouraged that you’re taking the first step in getting to know a new girl better. If this doesn’t result in love, you may have instead made a new friend or just take this encounter as having gained some dating experience with your first date – a risk worth taking with nothing to lose!

3. Plan for casual activities. Regardless of where you stay, there are many choices opened for a first date that will give you and your date an enjoyable time.

Plan for a lunch date. For the first date, you may want to have a casual get together over lunch or over a cup of coffee. In so doing, you’re keeping it casual and short. This will also provides you an opportunity to take a step back to decide if it’ll be worthwhile to go further from here. And if you think that it is, there is no stopping you from asking for a second date.

– Plan for activity where you and your date would enjoy doing together. For instance, go for a movie or a game or two of tennis. Visit an exhibition or go walking through a public park.

4. Wear cloths that are casual and comfortable. You’ll have a good feeling about yourself and be more relaxed if the cloths you wear are comfortable. Sweater and casual jeans are just great and make you look just as smart.

Measures to take while at your first date:

1. Plan for some light conversation. Have a few ‘ice-breaker’ topics in mind to make sure that the conversation will not go stale or stop abruptly that may make the date boring. Look out for interesting news happening around you or recalling some funny and interesting encounters from your past experience. Nothing beats sharing a good conversational piece that both enjoy.

2. Avoid talking about yourself too much. But instead, focus on your date more. Turning your attention to your date is usually a good way to make you feel more in control. You may ask casual questions that will put your date at ease and easy to talk about. Things like her background and what she aspires to become are good starters.

3. Offer to pick up the bill – don’t be a cheapskate as it‘s always a manly thing to do. However, if your date insists on splitting the bill, i.e. going ‘Dutch’ (no offence to the Dutch people), accept gracefully. Otherwise your date may not want to accept a second date from you if she is a strong-minded lady. You can always treat her in some other subtle way the next time round.

4. Plan your exit. It’s normal to feel uneasy when departing. If kissing on the cheek or hug as a way of saying your goodbye is not the things for you, offering a hand to shake is just fine. But be sure to express your interest in continuing to see her if that is what you want. Otherwise, say or indicate nothing more than a mere goodbye.

Measures to take when you’ve done with your first date:

1. Give yourself a pad on your back plus a treat that you’ll enjoy. Giving something for you to look forward to after your date.

– If you’re the kind of person who likes to review your performance, then it’ll be good to talk about your first dating experience with an experienced person, be they your family member or a close friend. A conversation of such will go a long way in clarifying your perceptions and get a different perspective on how the date went. This way, you’ll find out what you should or should not have said or done during the date through the wisdom of others.

– Treat yourself to something that you’ll enjoy. It can be something simple such as going for a good movie on your own. You need to remember that the dating game has plenty of ‘ups and downs’, so have a positive mindset about it and encourage yourself when the ‘chip’ is down.

2. Avoid drawing a conclusion on your date. Be positive and don’t jump into conclusion on the type of person your date is, merely basing on the first date. Always give your date the benefit of the doubt and be sensitive and respect her wishes. Do nothing that will hurt her reputation.

If you have a positive way of making things bearable for yourself and others, your first date should not cause you too much anxiousness. Leave your worries behind, go out there and have an enjoyable time!

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