How to Be Yourself On the First Date – 3 Tips You Must Follow

Singles biggest worry on their first date is that the other person won’t like them. They feel they have found someone compatible and fear rejection. They worry about their looks, how they act, talk and what they say.

Women are especially afraid they won’t look good enough. They will dress in a different fashion than what they are used to and will talk about different things than what they normally talk about.

Men worry about their financial status. Will she like me if I don’t have enough money or my job isn’t good enough? When you pretend to be someone different from who you are, the date usually ends badly and there’s no chance for a second meeting.

You need to plan and do what it takes to be yourself on the first date. The first date is the best impression of you as a real person. You must follow these 3 tips to have a successful first date that could lead to a great relationship.

Don’t talk about your financial status- Men love to talk about their financial status even though they might be a plumber or carpenter. They do this because they feel the woman will like them better and it gives them some power. When men do this it puts them in a bind because if the date goes further into a relationship, then they have put themselves at risk.

They don’t know if the gal cares for them because of money or love. The movie “Coming to America” is a perfect example. Eddie Murphy didn’t want the girl of his dreams to know he was a Prince because he feared she would want him just for his money.

Do not discuss your financial status on your first date and always be truthful with your date. After you have been on regular dates, then you can tell her about your money matters. If she really cares about you, it shouldn’t matter.

Don’t imitate someone by the way they dress-Women are very conscious of their looks, because they want their date to like them and will do what it takes to impress them, even imitating a movie star or someone they admire by dressing the way they do. They look down on themselves and worry that their date will feel they are ugly and not sexy enough.

It depends on what you are looking for in a date, such as a fun time or a serious relationship. If you are looking for a relationship, you need to dress to impress by wearing clothes that look good on you and that match your personality. Men can tell if you’re fabricating or being the real you. If they feel you are, the relationship will never get started.

Men that have been cheated on or have gone through a bitter divorce will focus more on trust and honesty. They are honed in to deception and will be looking for it. They’re trying to get over a broken heart and are now ready for the dating scene probably looking for the “true one.” So dress like you normally do and JUST BE YOURSELF.

Have real conversations- Singles are nervous when it comes to carrying on a conversation. They want the other person to be interested in what they’re saying, so they will tell stories that don’t happen. They talk about hobbies that don’t interest them. If the guy likes football, don’t pretend you like it to if you don’t.

Dig in and find out everything your date likes to do and you will probably find at least one thing you both like. Common interest is probably the most important thing in a relationship. Without anything in common, you are boring to each other and it will eventually end the relationship. Talk about them, but let them know what things you like to do. It is a good idea to make a list before your first date.

You’ve probably gone through several dates to find the perfect match so don’t mess it up by fabricating the real you. You never know, this one could turn into a serious relationship that may last a lifetime. So follow the 3 tips above on how to be yourself on the first date.

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